Where are the prices coming from?
All prices displayed are an average price of five of the biggest exchanges by volume, in addition to CoinMarketCap prices'.
How is the daily percentage variation computed?
The variation is based on the price at UTC+0.
Are prices realtime?
Prices are cached for maximum 1 minute. We're polling our sources each minutes to get the prices as realtime as possible.
What time zone is used on the website?
Timezone is inferred from your browser preferences. Logged-in users have the possibility of customizing the timezone.
How can I change my profile picture?
We're pulling your profile avatar from gravatar.
How can I receive SMS price alerts?
To start receiving SMS from us, you have to register your mobile phone number in your user profile, in the Phone section.
Upon registration, we will send a confirmation code to your phone, and will ask that you confirm that code, to avoid spam.
Is there a limit to SMS alerts?
Basic users-tier are entitled to 3 free sms per day. Your can track your sms quota in your user profile.