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Create personalized watchlists to follow your favorites stocks, and stay alerted of news in realtime

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Create personalized watchlists

Organize your interests into watchlists by showing only projects you're following. Each list can be filtered by:

  • Stocks
  • Category
  • Search keywords

... and more coming soon.

Realtime watchlists notifications

Never miss a news from followed tickers, by subscribing to push notifications, or by enabling simple browser sound alert.

Each watchlist have their own notification settings!

Track news price impact

Get an overview of each stock price evolution after news publication. Maybe you still have to open or close your positions.

Sources filtering

Cut the noise from your feeds by only showing news from your favorites sources.

Dark/light mode

Because dark mode is cool.

Developer access

Get access to our data directly via our REST API, or XML Feed.

Visit our Developers portal for more details.

Chat bot

Invite and chat with our bot directly in your favorites messaging apps, and get the latest news and price about your favorites stocks.

Invite bot to Discord

Invite bot to Telegram

More messaging apps coming soon

Contact us

Got in touch with us by email on , or via our social networks.

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